Saturday, February 20, 2010

tat·tered (ttrd)
1. Torn into shreds; ragged.
2. Having ragged clothes; dressed in tatters.
3. a. Shabby or dilapidated.
b. Disordered or disrupted.
A Tattered Treasure
I will be a Tattered Treasure by way of definition.
I will create using Tattered Treasures.
I am at times disordered and my life is sometimes disrupted.
I am 60 years old and sad on days that are not what I am trying to be.
Physically, I am not well and it ego, my eyes, heart and my self.
I am NOT what I wanted to become.
I have lovely daughters and grand children.
I am happy with the friends I have met and kept.
I look toward the future where I can and will create and make my happiness.
What I choose it to be!!!
Yes, Tattered is apt in that I can and do use.
It is a time of growth, wellness and renewal for me : )